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The Venezia Better World Forum, a peace mission !

On September 04 and 05, 2020, at Ca ’Sagredo in Venice, the Venezia Better World Forum (8th edition) took place

under the theme "A call to Action for the Mediterranean" after Cannes, Monaco, Cairo and New York, under the chairmanship of its founder, Manuel Collas de la

Roche, the godmother Chiara Chaplin as well as the French actress Elsa Zylberstein.
-Eric Villalonga president of Cerem (Chamber of Renewable Energies and Ecology of Monaco) to whom we asked his opinion on the challenges of the BWF

“The Better Word Forum, created by Manuel Collas de La Roche is a very beautiful international platform with a vocation for promotion.

It is positioned on the various continents, presents concrete initiatives and operations at the environmental level, highlights projects or

solutions via prices and allows thanks to its events to echo by bringing a very wide opening

with a sensitive audience on the issues

environmental. "


Three agreements signed with Azeris in Baku for the MEB

Things did not drag on. On the first day of the mission led by the Monaco Economic Board in Azerbaijan, yesterday, economic leaders immediately got to the heart of the matter

Six television cameras, three photographers, as many journalists. The number of media present in this large room of the Baku Business Center, yesterday morning in Baku, suggests that the meeting which is preparing for it is not trivial.

A few minutes before the opening of the debates, the room is packed with business leaders. On the one hand, those of the Monaco Economic Board, who came to the capital of Azerbaijan to carry out an economic mission of two days. They are 32. On the other, those who play at home, the Azeris. They are more than double.

Invitation to business

The leaders of the two countries are there, very clearly, to do business. The first to emphasize and encourage him is a certain Sahil Babayev, Deputy Minister of Economy of the Republic of Azerbaijan. It's not nothing.

"This meeting is intended to be very concrete," he said in the preamble. Collaboration between our countries is crucial. I invite you all to be active in creating a business environment. A message that is primarily addressed to his compatriots, to whom the member of the government, who studied in the Principality for a few months in 1997, ensures that “Monaco is an excellent destination for tourism, in the areas of insurance and banking, but also high technology. And for the attention of the Monegasques: “Azerbaijan is a beautiful country, whose economic potential is interesting for you. "

Encouragements widely shared by Michel Dotta, the president of MEB, for whom "strengthening relations between our two countries is excellent news". And to demonstrate this to Azeri business leaders by launching a clip to promote the Principality's economic assets.

Renewable energies in common

All that remained was to get to the heart of the matter. Things did not drag on. Shortening his passage due to probably ultra-serious planning, the Deputy Minister of the Economy proposed that the three planned cooperation agreements be signed immediately.

The first involves MEB and Azpromo, the body promoting Azeri companies. For the greatest joy of its president Rufat Mammadov: “Our two countries have an interest in establishing business relationships. This mutual cooperation agreement aims to maintain regular exchanges between the two organizations, facilitate contacts for companies in the two countries, make their approaches more effective. Michel Dotta then initialed a similar second agreement, with the equivalent of the Chamber of Commerce of this Caucasus country.

The third agreement was less awaited. It must be said that it was the result of a very recent visit to Baku, performed only ten days earlier by Eric Villalonga, the manager of the company "Monaco Green Energy", who officiated, for once, as president of the Monaco Chamber of Renewable Energies and Ecology (Cerem).

"I met the director of the Department of Renewable Energies of Azerbaijan," he explains. I discovered how committed this country was in this area, with a very strong political will for energetic independence within ten years thanks to renewable energies. "

Hence the idea of a rapprochement via a cooperation agreement, which was therefore signed yesterday with an Azeri state-owned company specializing in the renewable energy sectors. This agreement will serve to "establish cooperation that benefits everyone", but also to "create renewable energy systems together", explains Eric Villalonga.

Even before business leaders had time to meet to establish dozens and dozens of contacts, Monegasques and Azeris had already entered the concrete.


Indian Journey

Mr Eric Villalonga, President Chamber of Renewable Energies and Ecology of Monaco meets CM  in Mumbai.


Local development

Six Monegasque companies make up the Chamber of Renewable Energies and Ecology of Monaco (Cerem). Among them, Newteon promotes electric bikes and MGE Monaco Green Energy is working to develop photovoltaic power plants.

They are discreet, but contribute to the implementation of solutions in favor of sustainable development in the Principality. Six companies - Lexwell, EauNergie, GreenHeart, Newteon, MGE Monaco Green Energy and JLA Leadership Monaco - which federated within the Chamber of Renewable Energies and Ecology of Monaco (Cerem), created in 2012. "We wanted to be a receptive for Monegasque companies anchored in renewable energies, whether they produce energy, in sustainable development, in energy saving or in ecology," said Eric Villalonga, president of Cerem and manager of MGE Monaco Green Energy. His company is "referent in the establishment and development of photovoltaic power plants internationally, with Monaco as a rear base". MGE is involved in the search for projects and their implementation with investors from different countries, such as Kazakhstan, Africa or, more recently, China. "With COP21, we will have an obligation to increase the percentage of renewable energies compared to fossil fuels. In less than twenty years, we will have to be 30%. "Optimized"

For the boss of Monaco Green Energy, solar energy is by far the most profitable, even compared to wind power. "The sun is free," he jokes. “Especially in our regions, once the photovoltaic power plant has been paid, its production capacity is at no additional cost except for maintenance costs. It’s a very optimized technology, ”says Eric Villalonga. It is this same commitment to clean energy that emerges from the Newteon side. Created in 2006, this Monegasque company emphasizes gentle modes of travel, in particular electric cycling. In addition to the Principality, Newteon benefits from three other points of sale: in Nice, Saint-Raphaël and Angers. "We have a very large sales and a little rental," says Georges Da Silva, the sales manager. His company mainly offers electric bikes, but also some electric scooters. “We are testing all our new models on a test circuit in Monaco. The electric bicycle is precisely very appreciated and appreciable in particular on these reliefs ”, defends the commercial manager. And if he agrees that the south of France is late for these modes of travel compared to the northern half, "mentalities are changing", welcomes Georges Da Silva.

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